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  • Study on microstructure and friction and wear properties of wear-resistant coatings prepared by thermal spraying

    Z. L. Wang, Q. Li, Q. X. Li, C. Ju, Q. H. Song, J. J. Li, Z. P. Sun, Y. F. Zhang

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.383


  • Green synthesis of cobalt sulphide nanoparticles using synthesised cobalt (II) complex as a single route intermediate

    R. Kothari, S. Sen, S. Rai

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.403


  • Rapid biogenic fabrication of silver nanoparticles using Ziziphus nummularia under optimised conditions and evaluation of their antimicrobial synergy

    V. Kumar, S. S. Lakhawat, S. Kumar, A. A. Chaudhary, H. A. Rudayni, M. Al-Zahrani, U. K. Gilhotra

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.421


  • Kinetics, isotherm and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of methylene blue dye by iron doped activated carbon 

    A. Revathi, P. N. Palanisamy

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.431


  • Application of visible light activated thiolated cobalt doped ZnO nanoparticles towards arsenic removal from aqueous systems

    S. Ullah, D. F. Shams, S. A. Ur Rehman, S. A. Khattak, M. Noman, G. Rukh, H. Bibi, M. Ateeq, N. Bibi, L. Ali,  P. Fazil

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.443


  • Fabrication and characterization of highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells with composited dyes

    G. H. C. Radloff, F. M. Naba, D. B. Ocran-Sarsah, M. E. Bennett, K. M. Sterzinger, A. T. Armstrong, O. Layne, M. B. Dawadi

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.457


  • Structural properties of AuNPs/PSi nanostructure

    G. G. Ali, M. A. Ahmed, A. A. Sulaiman

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.473


  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS) dependent antibacterial effects of graphene oxide coatings

    C. Zhao, L. Zhang, H. Wu, X. Song, Y. Chen, D. Liu, P. Lei, L. Li, B. Cui

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.481


  • Synthesis, physico-chemical characterization and effect of cobalt doped TiO2 nanoparticle catalyst prepared by sol-gel method  

    R. Jothiramalingam, T. Radhika, P. R. Aswini, H. Al-Lohedan, M. Chandrasekaran, D. M. Al-Dhayan, J. N. Appaturi

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.491


  • Fabrication and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles for photocatalytic application

    S. Haq, M. B. Ali, A. Mezni, A. Hedfi, W. Rehman, Gh. Sarwar, Zain-ul-Abdin, S. U. Din, F. U. Rehman, S. A. Abbasi, A. L. Lone

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.499


  • Influences of crystallization time and molar composition of hydrogel on the preparation of sodalite, cancrinite and analcime

    X. Zhang, S. Jiang, S. Liu, L. Chen, L. Tong

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.507


  • The structural properties of Y1-XLaXBa4Cu7O15+ δ superconductor compound

    A. H. Shaban, L. A. Mohammed, H. S. Hussein, K. A. Jasim

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.519


  • Preparation and characterization of ketoprofen and pentoxifylline agents based layered double hydroxides-chitosan nanohybride and its releasing control

    A. A. G. El-Shahawy, W. Kamal, O. M Sayed, W. M. A. El Rouby, H. Y. Zahran, I. S. Yahia, S. I. El-Dek, A. A. Farghali

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.527


  • High efficiency Pb(II) removal using a green synthesized iochar/graphene-supported chlorapatite

    B. Zeng, W.F. Liu

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.541


  • Simple route synthesis of (Al, Ni) co-doped ZnO nanoparticles and their characterizations 

    J. El Ghoul, F.F. Alharbi

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.549


  • Multiscale modeling investigation into the thermal conductivity dynamics of graphene-silver nano-composites: a molecular dynamic study

    Q. Anjum, N. Nasir, S. A. Cheema, M. Imran, A. R. Rahman, Z. Tanveer, N. Amin, Y.N Anjam

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.557


  • Using High Voltage Electrochemical Oxidation (HVEO) to obtain protective coatings, surface finishing on electronic materials

    D. Nmadu, N.C. Eli-Chukwu, U. U. Uma, O. E. Ogah, A.A. Parshuto, M. I. Eheduru, S. I. Ezichi, C. N. Ogbonna-Mba

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.569


  • Preparation and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles incorporated by mechanical milling into cellulose for electrical insulator applications

    A. Guesmi, W. Abdulfattah, M. ben Ticha, F. K. Algathami, K. Aouadi, J. El Ghoul, A. Houas, N. Ben Hamadi

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.579


  • Electrodeposition of Fe-Zn, Fe-Mn and Fe-Zn-Mn alloys on steel from ionic liquids

    C. Akdogan, O. F. Bakkaloglu, M. Bedir, P. Y. Erdogan, A. Yavuz

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.589


  • Fabrication of nickel magnetic nanoparticles by combination of polyol and hydrothermal processes

    N. N. Minh, H. T. N. Quyen, T. T. Xuan

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.597


  • Facile synthesis of Fe3O4/Sio2/Cu nanoparticles: investigation of physicochemical attributes of interaction in cationic micellar media and photo-antibacterial impact

    M. Darroudi, S. Iftikhar, H. Gaigi,  M. B. Taj, S. Noor, N. A. Babteen, A. M. Alnajeebi, M. Abualnaja, A. Raheel, A. M. Bannunahi W. Alelwani

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.607


  • Simulation of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) layers of gold with silicon nitride as a Bi-layer biosensor 

    F. J. Kadhum , S. H. Kafi, A. J. Karam, A. A. Al-Zuky,  M. F. H. Al-Kadhemy, A. H. Al- Saleh

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.623


  • Phytochemical assisted synthesis of Ni doped ZnO nanoparticles using aloe vera extract for enhanced photocatalytic and antibacterial activities

    K. L. Mary, J. V. Manonmoni,  A. M. R. Balan, P. S. Karthik, S. P. Malliappan

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.634


  • Sol-gel synthesis of topological insulator bismuth selenide nanoparticles by using different solvents

    M. Z. Manzoor, Z. Batool , Y. Ali, H. M. Khan, M. Ismail, D. Ahmad, H. Ullah, A.  Nazir, R. Imran  

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.649


  • Experimental investigation on ferrofluid properties of Cd doped Co-Zn ferrites

    R. Manimegalai, S. Sendhilnathan, V. Chithambaram

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.661


  • Structural and optical properties of copper-doped ZnO thin films at different weight percentage

    S. A. Najim, M. M. Alyas, A. A. Sulaiman 

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.677


  • Preparation and degradation properties of AgBiS2/BiOI composite photocatalytic materials with high catalytic activity

    Y. L. Zhuang, X. H. Zhang, L. M. Dong, Y. Li, D. Li, J. H. Dong, Z. W. Liu, S. Tian, L. M. Wang, Y. Dai

           Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/DJNB.2022.172.685