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  • Comparison between lead free BaTio3/PDMS and doped - PZT/PDMS composite on ferroelectric characteristics

    L. Amarande, V. Stancu, M. Botea, V. Toma, R. Ciobanu, L. Pintilie

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  • Effects of high temperature wear and corrosion behaviour of sintered titanium reinforced with vanadium particle

    A. Senthamilselvi, P. Maniarasan, A. Murugarajan

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  • A monopole microwave-assisted electrochemical sensor for the detection of liquid chemicals

    A. Karatepe, O. Akgöl, Y. I. Abdulkarim, Ş. Dalgac, H. N. Awl, F. F. Muhammadsharif, M. Karaaslan, E. Ünal, S. Raza Saeed, H. Luo, S. X. Huang

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  • Comparison of NiCrAl-diatomite, nickel graphite and Ag-Cu alloy thermal spraying

    C. Ju, Q. Li, Z. L. Wang, Q. H. Song, Z. P. Sun, Y. F. Zhang 

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  • Comparative research of electrospark deposited Tungsten alloy coating in two kinds of gas

    Z. Liang, H. Zhang, S. Wang, L. Zhang, C. Zhu, H. Jin, C. Guo

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  • Adsorption study of phosphate ions pollution in aqueous solutions using microwave synthesized magnesium oxide nanoparticles

    N. A. A. Aboud, B. E. Jasim, A. M. Rheima

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  • Etching characteristics of si wafer thinning in HF/H2O binary solution for microelectronic and nanopackaging applications

    R. Ariff, C. K. Sheng

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  • Characterization of electrodeposited Ni–MoS2 composite coatings under the influence of current density

    A. Gana, H. Ben Temam, F. Lekmine, M. Naoun, O. Herzallah

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  • First principle study of Er, co-doped Fe and Yb of NaBiF6; a promising materials for optoelectronic and transport properties; probed by DFT

    S. Ullah, S. Azam, B. Gul, F. Subhan, S. Muhammad, A. Dahshan, S. S. Ahmad, A. Kalsoom, S. Faisal, H. H. Hegazy 

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  • Effect of deposition time on optical properties of CuO thin film prepared by chemical bath deposition method

    T. A. Aswad, T. A. Abbas, G. G. Ali

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  • Investigation of electrical and dielectricstudies of calcium doped magnesiumtitanate[Mg(1-x)CaXTiO3 (x=0, 0.9)] ceramics

    V. S. Samyuktha, A. G. Sampath Kumar, T. S. Rao, R. P. Suvarna

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  • Effect of current density on electrodeposited cobalt ferrous tungsten magnetic thin films

    T. Aruna Christy, N. Thangaraj, D. Sasikumar

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  • Modulating the hardness and magnetic property of NiMnWP by an organosulphur additive for magnetic storage applications

    P. Kirthika, N. Thangaraj

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  • The magnetic induction heating of graphene coated iron coated iron composite

    C. Jin, N. Lei, Z. Haiyan, Y. Dawei, Z. Li

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  • Hydrogen sulfide gas sensing properties of In2O3 – CdO nanoparticles

    M. K. Alyas, S. S. Abdulhaleem, I. M. Ibrahim, I. M. Ali

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  • Investigations on non-biodegradable zirconium dioxide reinforced aluminium alloy (AA6081) matrix composite developed by using powder metallurgy route

    K. R. Kavitha, S. Prakash, M. Ravichandran 

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  • Photocatalytic degradation of potassium permanganate using zinc oxide nanoparticles

    S. A. Al-Ghamdi, M. Rashad, Mohammed S. Al-Qarni, Fahad A. Al-Shehri, Ahmed H. Mbarki, Mohammed A. Al-Rashidi, A. M. Abd-Elnaiem

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  • Populus ciliata conjugated of iron oxide nanoparticles and their potential antibacterial activities against human bacterial pathogens

    M. Hafeez, R. Shaheen, S. Ali, H. A. Shakir, M. Irfan, T. A. Mughal, A. Hassan, M. A. Khan, S. Mumtaz 

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  • Influence of environment on thermoelectric properties of n-type silicon-germanium alloy

    K. Fatima, X. Song, A. Maryam, M. N. Rasheed, F. Iqbal, E. V. Monakhov, M. Asghar

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  • Study on plasma-spraying of MCrAlY coatings

    Z. L. Wang, Q. Li, C. Ju, Q. H. Song, Z. P. Sun, Y. F. Zhang

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  • The influence of propolis nanoparticles on dermal fibroblasts migration: premises for development of propolis-based collagen dermal patches

    P. M. Pasca, S. Cavalu

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  • Study of synthesis, characterization and thermo physical properties of Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2 / H2O based tri-hybrid nanofluid

    R. Palanisamy, G. Parthipan, S. Palani

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  • Synthesis and characterization of MgCr2O4 spinel nanoparticles by sol gel method

    M. Rani , M. Jabeen, K. Batool, A. Mehmood, R. Shafique, N. Akhtar, T. Yaqoob, Z. Maliha, M. Akram, M. Umbreen, M. Sattar

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  • Influence of silicon nitride, hafnium carbide and molybdenum disulfide to the wear behavior of Al 7075 hybrid composites

    N. U. Salmaan, S. A. Raja, D. S. Robinson Smart

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  • Fabrication of low density carbon foams by gel-casting method from sucrose/microcapsules

    H. H. Yu, H. Liu, H. K. Chen, S. M. Wang , Q. Z. Liu, X. Li

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  • Advances in tuning band gap of graphene by potential doping using DFT: a review

    I. Rahim, S. Azam, B. Gul, A. A. Khan, N. Yousaf, Z. Zada, M. Saqib, F. Subhan, M. Ismail, A. Khan, G. Murtaza, A. Dahshan, S. S. Ahmad, A. Kalsoom, M. Sheraz, H. H. Hegazy

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  • A composite of graphene-beaded porous carbon-nanofibers and TiO2 nanoparticles as an efficient visible-light photocatalyst 

    B. Zeng , R. Wang, W. Zeng

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  • Removal of Pb2+ from contaminated water using modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes

    L. S. Molele, T. Magadzu, A. A. Ambushe

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  • Preparation and characterization of a 3-dimensional macroporous bacterial cellulose scaffold for in vitro tissue engineering applications

    A. Basaran Eroglu, G. Coral

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  • Green synthesis of CuO nanoparticle using Justicia Adhatoda leaf extract and it’s antibacterial and thermal asset

    K. Sofiya Dayana, R. Jothi Mani, S. C. Vella Durai

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  • Effects of gold film thickness and annealing time on diameter of silicon nanowires grown by VLS process

    Z. Li, A. J. Tang, S.Y. Tang D. W. Hu, H. X. Tian, W. Wang

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  • The effect of boric acid content on the properties of electrochemically prepared Ni–Fe/ITO thin films

    U. Saraç, M. Kaya, M. C. Baykul

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  • Synthesis and characterization of covalently grafted graphene oxide – poly (vinyl alcohol)/ carbon nanotubes nanocomposites

    A. Rahim, K. Liaqat, S. Fazil, Z. Liaqat, S. A. H. Shah, W. Rehman, M. Farooq, S. Haq, M. Nawaz

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  • Fabrication of ZnO/MgO nanoparticles for catalytic pyrolysis of Phoenix dactylifera seeds biomass

    M. I. Din, Z. Ali, Z. Hussain, R. Khalid, A. Sharif, A. Intisar, E. Ahmed,  S. Ameen, M. Arshad

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  • Synthesis and characterization Al2O3-ZrO2 bio-nanostructures with sintering effect, residual and thermally stable analysis

    M. F. Wasim , S. Ali, M. W. Ashraf, A. Rafique, J. Ahmad, M. I. Akhter, A. Qadeer, S. Tayyaba, Z. Ahmad

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  • Investigation of low temperature dielectric properties of manganese doped-copper oxide nanoparticles by coprecipitation method

    H. C. Rao Bitra, A. V. Rao, A.G.S. Kumar, G. N. Rao

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  • A molecular dynamics study on thermal and mechanical behavior of graphene-copper nanocomposites for automobile & aerospace industry

    Q. Anjam , F. Hussain, M. Imran, N. Amin, M. Kashif

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  • Recycled α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles adsorbents from Nd-Fe-B waste for methylene blue adsorption

    M. Liu, Q.Y. Li, K. Gao, Y.J. Li, W.Q. Liu, Q.M. Lu, D.T. Zhang, Z.S. Pang, X. Yu, C.H. Yu, S.S Zha, Y.H. Liu, X.F Yi, M. Yue

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